Tips to posting a bail bond in Orange County CA


A few months ago, I was arrested for driving with a suspended license. I did not know that my license had been suspended. I told the officer that, but he did not believe me. This is when he placed me under arrest. I was read my Miranda rights which made the experience surreal. I was then taken to jail and booked on a misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended driver’s license.

The experience was terrifying for me. I wish I knew about this oc bail bonds video beforehand. I was only 19 years old and I had no idea what would happen to me. I used me one phone call to contact my brother Ben. He called Chad Conley Bail Bonds to help get me out of jail. I was fingerprinted and processed and then I had to wait until night court to have my bail hearing.The bail bonds people were very kind to me. They came down with my brother to see me and discuss what happened. I had a DUI on my record from when I was 18. I also revealed to them that the Orange County police officer seemed to want to silence me every time that I tried to defend myself and tell him the facts.

The Orange County bail bonds person was great and he helped me understand my rights under California law. The judge assigned me a bail amount of $1,000 and I filled out an application for the bond and was able to list my brother as my co-signer. The fee for this was then paid and he told me to keep in contact with him after I was released from jail. He reached out to me often and was even there when my sentence of a fine and community service was handed down. I am grateful for how my bail bond case was handled and others can benefit from this as well.

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