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Movers in San Diego are a form of organizations that helps their customers, people or business to move their good from one place to another. Such a service encapsulates packaging, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking and arrangement of items. A great example of these companies is this residential mover in san diego.

According to an estimate made by United States Census Bureau in 2008, almost forty (40) million US citizens have moved annually over the last decade – New York Times, 2008

Geoff Williams who is regular contributor to US News writes in his article “the hidden cost of moving” that according to the American Moving & Storage Association the average cost of moving within a state stands at $1,170 whereas the cost of moving from one state to another amounts to $5,630 (both the numbers are based on an average weight transfer of 7,100 pounds). In the same article he further states that, according to the Worldwide ERC, which is an organization of professionals that facilitate moving and logistics, the figure is much higher and stands at $12,459.
Whatever might be ones moving cost, it is seldom going to be what one expects, instead it is going to be higher than what one might anticipate. Everyone desires to save money in the process of moving but one must bear in mind that not every moving company is ethical and transparent in their operations.

“People should plan their move before outsourcing a moving company – no plan, no control” says the CEO of Pack IT Movers – a well-known moving company in San Diego. It is important that one should ask all the necessary questions from the moving company before hiring them. Usually just because of a low per hour rate people tend to not ask the most crucial questions, like; how many personnel is going to come for moving – be specific! Are the accessory charges (straps, boxes, paper, etc.) included or would be charged separately? All these questions are very important for these small charges are usually hidden and take the customer by surprise in the final bill. They are these small questions, when not asked, causes the total cost of moving rise beyond ones expectations.

What else is important when moving, is the proper time scheduling of the move. Time usually causes the cost of moving to rise when the charges are not fixed but are rather hourly. Therefore one must keep a strict check on the time of the move and shouldn’t tolerate any delays on the behalf of the moving company.

Moreover there are some considerations that are to be kept in mind and should be investigated before actually hiring a moving company. The customer should ask about these aspects from every moving company;

Price: Fixed Price? Per mile? Or Per hour? Any additional rates for certain types of goods like sofas or musical instruments (for e.g. pianos)?

Insurance Policies: Any insurance offerings? What is the criteria? What types of good are covered in the insurance plan? What type of damage is insured in the policy-plan?

Handling Equipment: What type of equipment is used for heavy lifting? How are fragile items loaded onto the truck? Does the equipment damage the goods?

Staff Experience: Qualification and experience (years) of staff? Have they performed a criminal check record?

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